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ViII-SAINI, Post- Baidpura, Greater Noida,G.B. Nagar- 203207
Ph. No. : 8800147978, 8800380838

At N.M. PUBLIC SCHOOL, we provide our students the tools to master their future in the global village by developing their talents to become balanced, responsible and informed world citizens. it has been our mission to provide a caring and nurturing environment where our students can grow to become diligent, lifelong learners, academically excellent, rational and analytical thinkers along with developed scientific temper.

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HURRY UP........ FEE SCHEME .......MISSION 100/PAY OFFER//Terms and conditions... .......1.Implemented from 22 Jun. .......2.PREVIOUS SCHEME CLOSES .......3.T* &C* apply .......4.Tuition Fee Payment /2,4,8 months whichever is paid this time,then the offer is valid as follows : Payment/Receipt 2M...3M, 4M...6M, 8M...12M .......5. Scheme is not valid on any previous Tuition Fee Paid. .......6. But It's valid on previously Paid AC .......7. No any scheme on Monthly payment. ...

NOTICE/ In the first week of july PT-1 exam will be conducted. That will be in online mode and the type of question will be SUBJECTIVE. Students are informed to take LOOSE PAPER/PENCIL/PEN to write the ANSWER as per INSTRUCTIONS. At denoted time LINK of EXAM will be openned and you can SEE QUESTIONS and that will continued till SCHEDULED TIME. Start writing your ANSWER one by one and in the last you have to take a PICTURE of your ANSWERSHEET and upload on your APP.

AISSE-2020 Class 10th Board Result Announced. Have a look at our Achievers.

Message from the Chairman’s Desk

N.M. PUBLIC SCHOOL , As I look back the last three decades, I am possessed by a great feeling of satisfaction to witness that N.M. PUBLIC SCHOOL, which began its life as a tiny sapling has spread , providing quality education and strong foundation to the young of our nation.

The entire purpose of education is not to restrict itself to imparting bookish knowledge only but inculcate humanitarian values like wisdom, compassion, courage, humility, integrity and reliability in a student.